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Who Qualifies For A VA Eligibility Certificate / VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

Your ability as a Veteran to get your own home at an unbelievable deal all starts with a piece of paper. Your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) establishes that you are able to get a no money down, low interest VA loan because you have served in the military. Along with the DD 214, your proof of service, the COE is your VA eligibility certificate that verifies you are qualified to receive the loan if you meet the other criteria.

Who Qualifies For A VA Eligibility Certificate?

What are the specific qualifications you need to obtain a VA eligibility certificate? Most important is the service requirement:

  1. You must have served 90 days on active duty during wartime OR
  2. You must observe 181 days on active duty during peacetime OR
  3. You must have served six years in the reserves or National Guard OR
  4. You are the surviving spouse of a service member who was killed in the line of duty or from service related conditions or injuries OR the spouse of a current service person missing in action or prisoner of war

You May Also Qualify if…

Even if you were discharged from the service before your enlistment term was up, you might still be able to prove your VA eligibility. A certificate may be issued if:

  1. You were discharged from the service because of a hardship OR
  2. You have a service-related disability that you are compensated for OR
  3. You were released from active duty due to a pre-existing medical condition OR
  4. You were laid off from active duty as a result of reduction in force OR
  5. You were discharged or released from active duty due to a non-service related physical or mental condition that interferes with your performance of duty

Two other categories of people may be rewarded for their service to the country with a VA certificate of eligibility:

  1. You are a citizen of the US who served in the armed forces of a U.S. ally in World War II
  2. You served with certain organizations such as the Public Health Service or incapacity such as cadets/midshipman at service academies, officers of National oceanic and atmospheric administration, merchant seamen with World War II service, and more

Obtaining Your VA Eligibility Certificate – VA Certificate of Eligibility

As a Veteran, you can request your Certificate of Eligibility online, but you may not hear back from the government for six weeks. Or, an approved lender, such as Capital Bank, N.A., is able to get this certificate on your behalf more quickly as part of our hassle-free loan process.

With your COE in hand, you need to establish your VA home loan eligibility online. Capital Bank, N.A. will help you get prequalified quickly, so you know how much house you can shop for. If you have had credit problems in the past, we can help prepare you to qualify or even help you obtain other types of loans with less stringent credit requirements. Our goal is to help you get the low interest, no down payment, government-backed loan you earned through your service.

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