How To Use VA Loan Benefits

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How To Use VA Loan Benefits and VA Loan Refinancing Benefits

The VA loan is one of the best benefits of being in the military. It’s something that’s earned through sacrifice and service, and Capital Bank, N.A. is here to help Veterans, service members and their families ensure that they get the best Veteran home loan available to them!

Using Your VA Loan

It’s easy to use your VA loan benefits. Homebuyers can use a Veteran mortgage on:

  1. Existing homes
  2. New construction homes
  3. First home purchases
  4. Second home purchases (provided the balance of your first Veteran loan has been paid in full)
  5. Condominiums (the condo must meet qualifications set by the VA)

First Time Homebuyer? No Problem With VA Mortgages

If you’re a Veteran and a first time homebuyer, you might be feeling a little lost when it comes to using your VA loan benefits. At Capital Bank, N.A., we’re dedicated to helping Veterans and their families buy their first home and use the Veteran home loan benefits that they’re entitled to.

As a first time homebuyer, we know you’ll have questions and that’s why we have a team of local experts standing by who are experienced in how Veteran loans work. Contact us at (866) 216-3577 or [email protected] and we may be able to help you throughout the entire process of Veteran mortgages.

Veterans, Know What Your Purchase Agreement States

The purchase agreement for your new home is a legally binding document. Before you sign the purchase agreement for your home and your VA loan, make sure it includes things like:

  1. The exact purchase price of the home.
  2. Whether the buyer or seller is paying closing costs. The VA allows sellers to pay closing costs, which can help reduce your out of pocket costs even more.
  3. How much your down payment, if any, will be
  4. If you or the seller can back out of the sale.
  5. The closing date, as well as who is responsible for damages after closing, but before the seller moves out of the property.

What About Veteran Loan Refinancing?

If you’ve already purchased a home using a conventional mortgage, FHA loan or even a VA loan, Capital Bank, N.A. can help reduce your monthly payment using Veteran mortgage refinancing. We can help you determine whether a cash-out refinance or a streamline refinance is right for you.

Combine Your Veteran Home Loan With An Energy Efficient Mortgage

An energy efficient mortgage (EEM) gives homeowners much needed cash (up to $6,000) to make updates that can make their home more energy efficient. Homeowners can:

  1. Replace windows and doors with energy efficient models
  2. Increase insulation
  3. Seal air leaks around windows, doors and ducts
  4. Install a programmable thermostat
  5. Install a new HVAC system
  6. Install an efficient tankless hot water heater

Applying For Your Veteran Home Loan

Applying for Veteran mortgages is easy. Simply fill out our simple VA loan prequalification form and a local expert from Capital Bank, N.A. will contact you to help you throughout the process. Don’t miss out on your benefits — let us help you buy a new home today!