Newport News VA Loans and Newport News VA Loan Refinancing

Newport News VA Loans and Newport News VA Loan Refinancing

Newport News Veterans, is here to help you take advantage of your Newport News VA Loans and Newport News VA Loan Refinancing benefits!  Our VA mortgage specialists are here to support you through an easy prequalification and application process so you can own a home in beautiful Newport News — whether you’ve lived here for years, or are arriving soon as part of a Newport News Veteran relocation.  Veteran home loans offer Veterans a superior alternative to the conventional mortgage. With Newport News VA Loans and Newport News VA Loan Refinancing, you can own a home with NO money down, low-interest rates, no PMI and low monthly payments!

Find out your VA loan eligibility today, and let us show you how to get started on owning your dream home in Newport News. Contact us at (866) 216-3577 or

Quick Facts About Newport News

  • Newport News is enjoying a buyer’s market with the average home price just under $160,000. It’s a great time for Veterans to buy, and enjoy even more savings with their Newport News Veteran mortgage benefits!
  • Newport News is home to 180,000 residents including nearly 25,000 Veterans. The combined population in the metropolitan region is 1.6 million.
  • The Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport conveniently offers flights to major US cities including Atlanta, Denver, Orlando, and Philadelphia via  Allegiant Air, Delta, Frontier Airlines and U.S. Airways.

Why Veterans Love Newport News

  • Newport News is home to Fort Eustis which features an Army Aviation Logistics School and Army Training Support Center, as well as the 597th Transportation Brigade.
  • There are a number of military installations nearby, including Norfolk Naval Shipyard, NSA Norfolk and Langley Air Force Base. There are a number of defense contractors in the region, including Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, located right in Newport News.
  • Did you know that spouses of military members who are stationed in Virginia do not automatically become state residents? That means that spouses may receive a state income tax refund!

Ready to Enjoy Your Newport News VA Loans and Newport News VA Loan Refinancing Benefits? Here’s How!

The process of applying for Newport News Veteran mortgages is simple and straightforward.

  • First, find out your VA loan eligibility.
  • Next, it’s time to prequalify and apply online.
  • Third, supply your military documentation — your Form DD214 or VA loan COE.
  • Leave the rest to!

We are here to support you through our quick and easy Newport News Veteran loan application process, but if you need help, please call us at any time. We can even help you locate your DD214 or VA loan COE and compile other necessary documentation.

Already Own a Home? Save Money With a Newport News VA Loan Refinance

If you already own a home and want to save some money each month, look into your Newport News Veteran mortgage refinancing options. Want to borrow against the value of your home? It’s easy to apply for a cash-out refinance loan. Ready to start saving money with lowered interest payments? A Newport News streamline refinance won’t cost you a thing, and it’s easy to apply for VA loan refinancing with minimal paperwork and documentation required. Can Also Help You With a Newport News FHA Purchase Loan Application

Poor credit history? Ineligible for Newport News VA loans? It’s no problem! We can help you apply for a low down payment Newport News FHA loan. Government-backed FHA mortgages are available with a number of options including FHA refinance loans. We can even help you with an FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage which allows Veterans to borrow extra to make energy-saving upgrades to their homes. Learn more about FHA loan eligibility to get started!

Want to learn more about Newport News Veteran mortgages, Veteran loan refinancing or FHA loans? Visit our VA loans FAQ page or speak to one of our local Newport News VA loans and FHA mortgage experts today!  You can reach us at (866) 216-3577 or