Waco FHA Loans and Waco FHA Loan Refinancing

Waco FHA Loans and Waco FHA Loan Refinancing

If you are a Veteran who is interested in settling in a smaller Texas town, VALoanMortgages.com can help make the dream of home-ownership a reality with Waco FHA Loans and Waco FHA Loan Refinancing.  Requiring little money down, moderate credit scores, and low closing costs, Waco FHA loans are very attractive to young Veterans ready to buy a home. To see if you qualify, just fill out our quick FHA loan online prequalification form or contact one of our experienced Waco FHA loan specialists at (866) 216-3577 or info@VALoanMortgages.com!

Why Settle in Waco

  • Located along the Brazos River and on the I-35 corridor, Waco lies halfway between Dallas and Austin in McClellan County.
  • Site of the longest single span steel bridge in the world, the Waco area is home to over 235,000 people. The city is large enough to have a diverse economy, but small enough that you won’t feel lost in the crowd.
  • The unemployment rate is around 6.6%, and homes are valued at around $73,000, which makes the area particularly attractive for new families and first time homebuyers.
  • More than 2,000 local residents are employed by private Baptist college, Baylor University in Waco. Other big employers are Hillcrest Health System, Providence Health Center, Waco Independent School District, and the City of Waco.

Veterans are Valued in Waco

  • Military.com and USAA named Waco one of the top places for military retirement in the country. Only an hour from Fort Hood, Waco Veterans are within driving distance of the commissary, Exchange, and medical center.
  • With many colleges and universities in the area, educational opportunities abound in Waco for Veterans wishing to use their GI Bill. In addition, Baylor University and the Army and Air Force have a program that allows military officers the chance to attend college while on active duty. Those who graduate with a Master of Science in Nutrition can serve as Registered Dietitians in the military.

Waco FHA Loans and FHA Refinance Loans Make Living in Waco Affordable

If living in affordable Waco appeals to you, VALoanMortgages.com makes homeownership very accessible! By filling out our simple FHA loan online application form, you can quickly see if you qualify for an FHA loan to purchase a home. Our experienced Waco FHA loan experts will follow-up with you to answer any questions you have and take you to the next step in the process.

Your Waco FHA loan representative will help you determine your eligibility, and help you gather documentation you will need to obtain the loan. Waco FHA loans are issued by FHA-approved lenders like VALoanMortgages.com, and are backed by the federal government. This allows us to issue purchase loans to people with less than perfect credit, or those just getting started out.

Already a homeowner? If you need cash in hand or want to see if you can lower your monthly payments, there are Waco FHA loan refinance options available that can help! Contact VALoanMortgages.com and let us help you find the best option for your unique situation.

Would You Qualify for a Waco VA Loan?

Many Veterans can qualify for a Veteran loan, which requires no down payment and offers lower interest rates. Your monthly payments are even lower as Veteran loans require no PMI insurance. If you have bravely served our country, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Veteran benefits you are entitled to! Find out if you prequalify for Waco VA loans or a VA loan refinance by filling out our simple online application form, or contact a Waco VA mortgage specialist at VALoanMortgages.com to discuss your needs.

VALoanMortgages.com is committed to helping you get the best loan for your situation! You can apply online and even access our FHA loan FAQ page to prequalify and learn more. Any time, you can contact one of our Waco FHA loan specialists at 1-800-888-8888 or info@VALoanMortgages.com. Your Waco home is waiting!