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El Paso FHA Loans and El Paso FHA Loan Refinancing

Veterans, if you are ready to celebrate your return to the city by buying a home with EL Paso FHA loans, or want to lower your monthly payments with El Paso FHA loan refinancing, VALoanMortgages.com wants to help you achieve your goal! We specialize in helping those interested in El Paso FHA loans find the best and most affordable loan to take advantage of great home prices in El Paso. Finding out if you qualify for a low rate El Paso FHA Loans and El Paso FHA Loan Refinancing takes just a few minutes!

Want to see if you’re eligible? Just fill out our simple online prequalification form or contact one of our local El Paso FHA loan representatives at VALoanMortgages.com at (866) 216-3577 or info@VALoanMortgages.com. In most cases we can have an answer for you in just a few minutes!

Great Things about El Paso

  • El Paso offers affordable housing made for families. With a wide variety of homes available, the average sales price is currently less than $110,000.
  • Located in West Texas on the Rio Grande River, El Paso is part of a large international metropolitan area that includes Ciudad Juárez, in Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • With a local economy based on food production, clothing, construction materials, plastics, electronic and medical equipment, job opportunities are plentiful in the private sector, as well as in El Paso’s large government and education sector.

El Paso is a Great Town for Veterans

  • One of the biggest contributors to the economy of El Paso is Fort Bliss, the site of the Army Air Defense Artillery Center. The base – and its impact on the local economy – is likely to grow in 2013 as a result of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), when new troops and their families will relocate here.
  • El Paso offers easy access to medical care, either at Fort Bliss or at the El Paso VA Health Care Center, which has great departments of neurology, cardiology, optometry, radiology, and physical therapy.
  • The city has many colleges and universities where Veterans can go to school full or part-time with their Veterans benefits. Aside from the University of Texas at El Paso, there is also Webster University, community colleges, and other great institutions.

El Paso FHA Loans and El Paso FHA Loan Refinancing are a Great Option for Homebuyers Who Want To Save Money

If the time is right for you to buy a home in El Paso, or if you want to save money with FHA refinance loans, VALoanMortgages.com can help. Our local El Paso FHA loan specialists can work with you to determine your FHA loan eligibility and get you started on the road to homeownership.

There are several types of FHA loans designed to fit your circumstances. Guaranteed by the federal government, FHA loans are made by FHA-approved lenders like VALoanMortgages.com. You must have a good track record of meeting your financial obligations, but FHA credit requirements are more flexible than loans you might obtain directly from a bank. If you’ve had credit problems, an El Paso FHA loan could be the answer for you. At VALoanMortgages.com, we are experts in matching the right loan with your housing preferences.

Veterans, Have You Considered El Paso VA Loans and El Paso VA Loan Refinancing?

If you’re a Veteran, you may qualify for El Paso VA Loans or El Paso VA Loan Refinancing. Government backed El Paso VA loans are one of the many benefits you have earned by serving our country. VA loans require 0% down payment, have lower interest rates, and you’re not required to pay high PMI payments. Imagine how much money you could save every month! To find out if you qualify for a Veteran loan, fill out our online prequalification form or contact VALoanMortgages.com today!

Mortgages can be complex, but at VALoanMortgages.com, we make it easy with our simple online qualification form. You can also learn more on our FAQ page, and f you need help, our helpful representatives will guide you through the process. Just give us a call at (866) 216-3577 or e-mail us at info@VALoanMortgages.com, where your friendly El Paso FHA mortgage expert is ready to help!