Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing

Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing

Knoxville is one of the country’s most Veteran-friendly locations. Median home prices are just $149,413 and Veterans receive preferential status when applying for state government jobs. If you’re a Veteran looking to live in Knoxville, apply and prequalify for Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing from and you can get into your dream home quicker than you think! Knoxville VA loans offer great benefits including NO down payment, no PMI requirement, and below-market interest rates.  To find out if you’re eligible for Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing, fill out our easy Veteran loan application form. Have questions?

The Knoxville Veteran loan specialists at can answer them all! Just give us a call at (866) 216-3577 or email can help qualified applicants purchase a Knoxville home that’s priced up to $424,100*.’s Three Step Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing Process

  1. Step 1: Provide with your VA COE or ask us to request one for you.
  2. Step 2: Use our home search function to locate your new Knoxville home.
  3. Step 3: Check to see if you prequalify by completing a Veteran loan application.

Facts about Knoxville, TN

  • The average salary in Knoxville is $64,000 a year. Major corporations in the Knoxville area include the Tennessee Valley Authority, Pilot Flying J, Regal Entertainment Group and Scripps Networks Interactive.
  • Knoxville was mostly shielded from the real estate troubles that plagued the rest of the national. In 2009, CNN named the city as one of the top 100 in terms of real estate depreciation.
  • Knoxville is also home to the University of Tennessee. The University has been named as one of the top universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The pharmacy program, MBA program and College of Architecture and Design have all been ranked in the top 10.

Why Veterans Love Life in Knoxville

  • Although there’s no active duty installation in Knoxville, the area does have a military presence.  There are military recruiters from each branch in Knoxville, as well as the Army’s 1st Battalion Engineers.
  • The William C. Tallent Outpatient Clinic is located in Knoxville and can take care of primary care, mental health and optometry services for Veterans. There is no pharmacy at the clinic, which means Veterans need to get their prescriptions from a mail order pharmacy or locally.
  • Veterans who apply for a job within the state government will receive credit for military service and Veterans preference.

Use Your Service Benefits to Buy a Home with Knoxville VA Loans and Knoxville VA Loan Refinancing

A Veteran mortgage is one of the best military benefits available to you. Let help you take advantage of it; we may be able to help you buy your dream home and save a ton of money in the process! Not only is it simple to apply and prequalify for a Knoxville Veteran loan, but those who qualify can enjoy a premium loan that requires no money down, no private mortgage insurance, and offers below-market interest rates.

Veterans who currently own their own home can apply for a Knoxville Veteran mortgage refinance to reduce monthly payments or get needed cash. Best of all, we guarantee to make the process as stress free as possible; minimizing paperwork and streamlining the process to get you a new loan fast. Contact the Knoxville Veteran loan and VA loan refinance experts at today to apply!

Conditions for Loan Eligibility

Loan eligibility is based on meeting at least one of the following conditions. See our VA loan eligibility page for more details.

  • You’ve served at least 90 days of wartime active duty
  • You have a minimum of 180 days of peacetime active duty
  • You were not dishonorably discharged from service
  • At present you are on active duty status
  • You are the currently unmarried widow/widower of a Veteran who died during combat or who died later from combat injuries

Consider the Benefits of Knoxville FHA Purchase Loans and FHA Refinance Loans

Not all Veterans will qualify for a VA Home loan. In this situation, there’s another excellent option available: a Knoxville FHA home loan or FHA refinance. These loans are similar to VA loans in that they have government backing and offer very low interest rates. They require just 3.5% down, and with broader qualification requirements, FHA loans are better than conventional loans because even Veterans with poor credit may qualify.

Apply and prequalify now for a Knoxville Veteran loan from! We have Knoxville Veteran mortgage experts ready and waiting to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. Call us today at (866) 216-3577 or email us at

*VA Loan Limits are accurate as of 2-10-13. Source:, 2013 VA County Loan Limits