Pittsburgh VA Loans and Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinancing

Pittsburgh VA Loans and Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinancing

If you’re a Pittsburgh Veteran ready to buy your own home, talk to a local Pittsburgh VA Loans and Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinancing specialist at VALoanMortgages.com today!  We make it easy for Veterans with a simple prequalification process and online application form — and all the support you need to get your Pittsburgh VA Loans and Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinancing. Cash-out refinancing and streamline refinancing are available, so don’t delay – start saving money today! Contact the Pittsburgh VA mortgage experts at VALoanMortgages.com at (866) 216-3577 or info@valoansfinance.com.

All About Pittsburgh

  • The Pittsburgh housing market is quite varied, with average homes in the $87,000 range and homes in Shadyside and Squirrel Hill South selling for $230,000 and $240,000.
  • Pittsburgh was recently named one of National Geographic Magazine’s best worldwide travel destinations. Visitors and residents enjoy the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Emerald View Park, Carnegie Museums of Art, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the Senator John Heinz History Center.
  • Pittsburgh’s local economy was once known for steel production, but the steel mills are no longer operational. Major shopping centers, housing developments, and businesses are located on the old steel mill sites, as are the Pittsburgh Technology Center, SouthSide Works and Bakery Square.

Reasons Why Veterans Love Pittsburgh

  • Pittsburgh is home to the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum which displays historical artifacts including Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, as well as Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom uniforms.
  • Pittsburgh’s Air Reserve base is scheduled for closure in 2013. The base’s 1300 reservists and 300 civilian employees will be relocated to other parts of the nation.
  • A new commissary is in the works for Moon, located outside of the Pittsburgh city limits. The Defense Commissary Agency offers groceries to retirees as well as active duty members and reservists at cost, plus a small 5% surcharge.

Would You Enjoy the Benefit of a Money Saving Pittsburgh VA Loans and Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinancing?

How does extra money in the bank sound? Veterans have earned the privilege of money-saving Pittsburgh Veteran loans, and at VALoanMortgages.com, we’re here to help Veterans take advantage of their hard-earned benefits!

One of the greatest benefits of Pittsburgh Veteran home loans is that no money down is required. With no down payment, imagine the options available to you for owning your dream home in Pittsburgh. With a Pittsburgh Veteran mortgage, you’ll also enjoy low-interest rates AND low monthly payments with no PMI.

Start by determining your Pittsburgh VA loan eligibility and filling out our simple Veteran home loan application. In minutes we can prequalify for your Pittsburgh Veteran mortgage and get you on the road to homeownership!

Save Money With a Pittsburgh VA Loan Refinance

Already own a home? We can help determine if Veteran mortgage refinancing is for you. With attractive Pittsburgh cash-out refinance and streamline refinance options that often don’t require any money out-of-pocket, lengthy paperwork or even income verification, why wouldn’t you find out if you could save money?

Ineligible for Veteran Home Loans? Let’s Talk About FHA Mortgages!

Did you know that an FHA loan is likely the best option for Veterans who don’t qualify for Pittsburgh VA loans? An FHA purchase loan allows Veterans to buy a home with a low down payment — as little as 3.5%! And if poor credit has held you back in the past, government-backed FHA loans are still an option. Why not speak to the Pittsburgh FHA loan experts at VALoanMortgages.com today about whether an FHA mortgage or FHA refinance is right for you?

Ready to get started on the path to homeownership? Contact VALoanMortgages.com today! We’re here to support Veterans every step of the Pittsburgh VA mortgage process. Visit our helpful FAQ page or contact us any time with your questions at (866) 216-3577 or info@valoansfinance.com.