Greensboro VA Loans and Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing

Greensboro VA Loans and Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing

As the third largest city in North Carolina, Greensboro boasts of great attractions like the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. Home prices in this active and beautiful city average about $136,000, making it accessible to just about everyone. If you’re a Veteran looking to live in Greensboro, take the time to apply and pre-qualify today for Greensboro VA Loans and Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing from Greensboro VA Loans and Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing are available with NO down payment or PMI, and they offer great low rates.

Complete’s easy online application to see if you prequalify. If you have questions, a Greensboro VA Loans expert is ready to help at (866) 216-3577 or at

Qualified loan applicants can purchase a Greensboro home priced up to $424,100* through

An Easy Three-Step Application Process to Greensboro VA Loans and Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing

  1. Step 1: Provide with your VA Certificate of Eligibility or have us get it for you.
  2. Step 2: Find your new Greensboro home with our home search page.
  3. Step 3: Complete’s online Veteran loan application to see if you qualify.

Facts about Greensboro, NC

  • Workers in Greensboro average $61,000 a year. The biggest employers in the city are Guilford County Public Schools, Cone Health, the City of Greensboro, the United States Postal Service and Guilford County.
  • Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina with a population of over 250,000. The entire metropolitan population of the Greensboro-Winston Salem area is about 720,000, which means that there’s plenty for residents to do in the area.
  • One popular attraction in Greensboro is the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. It’s a combined science museum and zoo and it has dinosaur, gemstone and weather exhibits, as well as meerkats, crocodiles, howler monkeys, and wallabies.

Why Veterans Love Life in Greensboro

  • While there are many active duty military installations in North Carolina, none of them are located in Greensboro, but the Marine Corps Reserve does have a base in Greensboro.
  • There is not a VA health care facility in Greensboro; however, Veterans can receive health care services from the Durham VA Medical Center.

Make Your Dream a Reality with Greensboro VA Loans or Greensboro VA Loan Refinancing!

More than anyone, Veterans deserve to realize the dream of owning their own home. This can happen with the help of a government-backed Greensboro VA loan from These loans require NO money down and NO Private Mortgage Insurance, and offer very low-interest rates. To learn if you’re eligible for a Greensboro Veteran loan just complete the online application and will handle the rest!

If you’re dreaming of lower mortgage payments on your current home and maybe some extra cash, see if you qualify for a Greensboro VA loan refinance. Speak to a Greensboro Veteran mortgage refinance specialist for more details.

How You Can Qualify

See our VA loan eligibility page for more details on these general qualification criteria.

  • You have served at least 90 days of wartime active duty
  • You have 180 days or more of peacetime active duty
  • Your service time did not end with a dishonorable discharge
  • Currently you are on active duty status
  • You are the currently unmarried spouse of a Veteran who was killed in combat or whose death was caused by service-related injuries

If a VA Loan Isn’t Possible, Greensboro FHA Purchase Loans and FHA Refinance Loans Can Help!

Some Veterans will not qualify for a VA loan, but you still have some great options with a government-backed Greensboro FHA loan or FHA refinance loan. FHA loans, like VA loans, offer great low rates and can require a down payment of just 3.5 percent. Because FHA loans have broader qualification requirements than conventional loans, even people with poor credit may qualify.

Today is the day to apply and prequalify for a Greensboro Veteran loan from! Our FAQ page has great information, but you can also speak directly with a Greensboro VA loan specialist by phone at (866) 216-3577 or by email at

*VA Loan Limits are accurate as of 2-20-13. Source:, 2013 VA County Loan Limits