Stockton VA Loans and Stockton VA Loan Refinancing

Stockton VA Loans and Stockton VA Loan Refinancing

Veterans, purchase your Stockton, California dream home with a Veteran home loan from Stockton VA loans require no money down, offer low interest rates and save you from playing costly PMI payments. As a military benefit, these special loans are available to VETERANS ONLY, so take advantage of this benefit that you’ve earned!  To get started, fill out our online VA loan application, or contact us at (866) 216-3577 or to discuss your eligibility and the requirements for Stockton VA Loans and Stockton VA Loan Refinancing.

Stockton, CA offers great homebuying opportunities with the average home value around $131,000. You can join nearly 300,000 other people in this bustling community thanks to your VA loan benefits. Qualified Stockton buyers can purchase a home for up to $424,100, with a max guaranty of $1,000,000*.

These Steps to Stockton VA Loans and Stockton VA Loan Refinancing

  1. Step 1: Request or provide your VA loan COE (Certificate of Eligibility). Don’t have it? Call us and we will help you get it.
  2. Step 2:  Conduct your Stockton house-hunt with help from our home search feature.
  3. Step 3:  Complete your VA Loan application to get pre-qualified for your Stockton Veteran loan.

Stockton, California Facts

  • Stockton is a city of under 300,000 in California’s Central Valley. The city’s history is rich in agricultural and is famous for its Asparagus Festival that takes place every year.
  • Top employers in Stockton include San Joaquin County, the Stockton Unified School District, St. Joseph’s Medical Center and OG Packing. The average salary for an employee in Stockton is $69,000 a year.
  • Stockton is located between San Francisco and Sacramento, which means it’s easily accessible for families that want to live away from the bustle of the big city. Interstate 5, State Route 99 and State Route 4 all pass through the city.

Why Veterans Love Stockton

  • The Defense Logistics Agency has a presence in Stockton and serves as a shipping and logistics hub. It’s the second largest in the United States and serves military members throughout the world.
  • The VA Stockton Clinic is located within the San Joaquin General Hospital. Both Veterans and Tricare beneficiaries are eligible to receive services at the clinic.
  • The BAH rates for an E-5 with dependents provides military members with $1050 a month in housing benefits. Since the median home sales price is $131,000, military members can easily purchase a quality home that’s within their BAH limit.

Our Stockton VA Loans and Stockton VA Loan Refinancing Experts Can Help You Save Money

Count on the knowledgeable Stockton VA loan experts at If you qualify, we will get you an affordable, hassle-free VA home loan. Make the most of your military benefits and take advantage of this premium home loan, and enjoy 0% down, save money with no mortgage insurance and receive the lowest interest rates available.

Apply online now for your Stockton Veteran mortgage or contact to discuss your financial situations and see if you qualify.

Check Your Eligibility Now!

Our eligibility page has everything you need to know about Stockton VA loan benefits and eligibility.

Veterans are usually eligible if they meet one or more of the following:

  • 90 days or more of active duty service during wartime
  • 180 days or more of active duty service during peacetime
  • Received Honorable Discharge
  • Currently on active duty
  • Surviving spouse of a Veteran who died during service or as a result of service-related injuries

Already a Homeowner? Apply for Stockton Veteran Loan Refinancing and SAVE

Current homeowners can refinance their existing mortgage with a Stockton VA loan refinance. Both cash-out refinancing and streamline refinancing options are available. Apply for Stockton VA loan refinancing today or speak with our VA loan refinancing experts to discuss your needs.

Not Qualified for a VA Loan? Apply for Stockton FHA Mortgages

If you don’t qualify for a VA loan, you may be eligible for a Stockton FHA loan or FHA refinance loan. FHA mortgages have low-interest rates, low down payment requirements of just 3.5% and less stringent qualification requirements than conventional loans. This makes them an ideal choice for those with poor credit or little money to put down.

Take advantage of YOUR benefits and get started with a Stockton Veteran loan application at today! To learn more about our loans, visit our FAQ page or contact a Stockton VA loan expert at (866) 216-3577 or email us at

*VA Loan Limits are accurate as of 1-20-13. Source:, 2013 VA County Loan Limits