San Diego VA Loans and San Diego VA Loan Refinancing

San Diego VA Loans and San Diego VA Loan Refinancing

Sunny San Diego offers residents beautiful weather year round. Couple this beautiful weather with a strong military presence and you have an area that’s extremely Veteran friendly. Whether you’ve recently retired from military service and have settled in San Diego, or you’re a service-member who is stationed in the local area, can help you find the best rates on no down payment San Diego VA Loans and San Diego VA Loan Refinancing. If you already have a place in San Diego that you call home, we can also help with refinancing San Diego VA loans, which can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Our simple VA loans application form has all the information we need to get started on processing your San Diego VA loans, or you can email us at and someone will contact you promptly to discuss the loan process.  If you have a question and want an immediate answer, call us toll free at (866) 216-3577. We’ve got answers to all your questions regarding new San Diego VA Loans and San Diego VA Loan Refinancing your existing California VA loans.

Qualifying For San Diego VA Loans and San Diego VA Loan Refinancing Is Easy!

If you have questions about your eligibility for San Diego VA home loans, visit our VA loans eligibility page, apply online or contact us to learn more about the VA loan process.

Basic qualifications for San Diego VA loans include:

  • Active duty service for 90 days or more during wartime
  • Active duty service for 180 days or more during peacetime
  • Honorable discharge from your service branch
  • You are on active duty
  • Being the surviving spouse of a Veteran who died in service or as a result of a service-related injury, providing that you have not remarried.

We can help you through each step of the qualification process for San Diego VA home loans. The loan experts at will even be able to let you know what documentation is necessary so you can find it before applying for VA home loans, ensuring a quick, stress-free experience. At, we look at your individual debt to income ratios, as well as your credit to determine your interest rate, and we believe in taking the time to help you understand how all of these factors affect your loan eligibility and interest rate.

We’re committed to helping Veterans receive the very best rates on no money down San Diego VA loans. Applying for San Diego VA home loans is simple and we’re here to help you through every step of the way! Call at (866) 216-3577, email us at or use our Contact Form to start your application today. We’ll get back to you quickly and will answer any questions you have about California VA loans and refinancing for San Diego VA home loans.

Veteran Relocation To San Diego? Can Help provides information and assistance to Veterans relocating to San Diego in need of Veteran home loans and Veteran loan refinancing. If you’d like to find out more about how you can prequalify for a San Diego Veteran loan, can help you get started today!

We can help determine your VA Loan eligibility, and can even help with tracking down your VA loan COE or DD214. Next you’ll need to complete our San Diego Veteran loan application.

The rest is easy! Your local expert will walk you through the entire process, ensuring NO:

  • Hidden fees
  • Undue stress
  • Red tape

The Housing Market In San Diego, CA

Within the city limits of San Diego, the median home sales price is $435,500. The limit on San Diego VA loans is $500,000*. While there are some homes in the local area that are above the local limit on San Diego VA home loans, Veterans and servicemembers should be able to find a home below the threshold. Popular neighborhoods for Veterans and servicemembers include Rancho Bernardo and Liberty Station.

  • Year over year home sales decrease: -26%

  • Year over year median sales price increase: 22.7%

  • Median real estate property taxes: $3205

  • 2012 new house construction building permits for single family homes: 535

Why Veterans Love San Diego

San Diego’s economy is driven by the military and defense industries. Over 15,000 businesses in the area depend on defense contracts and it’s thought that 5% of all civilian jobs in San Diego have some sort of relationship with the military.

The local area has a number of military installations, most notably, Camp Pendleton and NS San Diego. Additionally, the Naval Medical Center In San Diego provides medical and dental care to Veterans, servicemembers, contractors and their families.

Because housing costs are higher in San Diego, BAH rates are also higher than in other areas of the country. An E5 with dependents can expect to receive $2139 a month and an E5 without dependents will receive $1719. 2014 BAH rates are proposed to increase by 4%, though the actual increase will vary by location.

If You Don’t Qualify For A VA Loan, FHA Loans Are A Great Alternative

Ready to find out if you qualify for a Veteran home loan or VA loan refinance? Start the VA loan process with our online prequalification form. If you don’t qualify, don’t worry! can help you with an excellent alternative: a San Diego FHA loan or FHA refinance loan. FHA mortgages allow homeowners to buy a new home with only 3.5% down. If this is your first home purchase, or your credit rating is low, the government-backed FHA purchase loan program may be the best option for buying your San Diego dream home. works hard to support Veterans get the financing they deserve to own their own home. Would you like to learn more about VA mortgages, VA loan refinancing or FHA purchase loans? Please contact your local San Diego VA loans expert and let us help you buy the home of your dreams!