VA Loans & VA Loan Refinance

We Help Veterans Realize the American Dream of Homeownership

At Capital Bank, N.A., we understand the honor and sacrifice that are the hallmark of US Veterans throughout our nation’s history. We are passionate about helping Veterans buy their first home as affordably as possible, and empowering current Veteran homeowners with money-saving VA loan refinance options. We work hard to ensure that the VA home loan application process is simple and stress-free for military members. It is our honor to provide our Veterans with caring, knowledgeable assistance in obtaining an affordable Veteran mortgage quickly and easily. With Capital Bank, N.A., you’ll always receive personalized, one-on-one service from our team. Help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on our website. Our friendly and knowledgeable VA loan experts look forward to assisting you. Contact us at (866) 216-3577 or today!

Capital Bank, N.A. is Ready to Help You Wherever You Live

At Capital Bank, N.A., we are here to assist US Veterans, regardless of where you live. Our staff is up to date on the specific regulations for Veteran mortgages in your area, and we have a large lender network that extends from Alaska and Hawaii to the contiguous United States, which allows us to help you buy a home with an affordable Veteran loan anywhere in the country. We know your time is valuable. At Capital Bank, N.A., there are no hoops to jump through. No red tape. No hidden fees. And no undue stress. We strive to make the entire VA mortgage application process as hassle-free as possible with three simple steps.

The Capital Bank, N.A. Process in Three Simple Steps

  1. Step 1.  Request a VA certificate of eligibility with a Capital Bank, N.A. Expert
  2. Step 2.  Find the home of your dreams using the Capital Bank, N.A. home search
  3. Step 3.  Contact a Capital Bank, N.A. Expert to complete the Veteran Loan Application for pre-approval on your choice of a VA home loan or VA loan refinance option.

Capital Bank, N.A. Also Helps Veterans Get Affordable, Government-Backed FHA Loans

Capital Bank, N.A. is here to support you, no matter what your financial situation. If it turns out that you are not eligible for Veteran home loans, we may be able to help you obtain an affordable, low down payment FHA loan.  And if you already have an FHA mortgage, our experts can help you with the FHA refinancing process — an ideal way to get the best rate on your monthly mortgage payments. If you are ready to start saving money by taking advantage of your hard-earned Veteran benefits, start with our easy application form. We will be in touch with you soon to answer any questions and to help you complete the VA loan application process. In the meantime, contact us at any time at (866) 216-3577 or You’ve served our country. Now allow us the honor of serving you!